Introductory Editorial

Tác giả: ĐH Quốc tế Bắc Hà


Marco Zupi


International University of Bac Ha, Hanoi and CeSPI, Rome

We are pleased to announce that the International University of Bac Ha, Hanoi and CeSPI, Rome are launching this e-Journal of Economics and Complexity.

Firstly, something about this e-journal and its title.

This e-journal is new, but not completely. In 1997/1998, a review entitled "Economics and Complexity" was launched under the direction of Massimo Salzano (University of Salerno), in collaboration with and the scientific support of Federico Caffè Centre at the Roskilde University, who published the printed version in Denmark with the aim to spread the use of a complex, interdisciplinary, methodological approach to the study of economics. After Salzano's death in 2007, the journal languished.

Therefore, with an ideal legacy that lies in the focus on complexity and multi-disciplinarity, we would like to orient toward "Mundialization, Development and Social Changes" (the e-Journal subtitle) the core issues of this international journal we are launching.

The e-journal is being established together with a small team of colleagues at the Economics Faculty at the International University of Bac Ha, Hanoi and at CeSPI, Rome, especially set up to manage it, with the support of the members of the Editorial Board.

It adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to development studies by proposing different and alternative views, perspectives, ideas and analyses on local, national and international development, and by highlighting the lessons learned from different experiences, with a focus on social change.

Our goal is to learn from one another, that is a process of mutual learning by strengthening links among members of a community of academic scholars from different countries spread mainly in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

In other terms, we hope to set a modest example of academic community among African, Asian and Latin American scholars who are interested in being involved in an international dialogue, exchanging ideas and facilitating the mutual dissemination of research and its results, creating an open forum for discussion and establishing a dedicated publication.

The e-journal could be also a good and useful opportunity to discuss and plan possible common initiatives on international development issues in the future and to use innovative ICT tools.

We intend to establish a high-quality, refereed e-journal that will be distributed electronically: the primary means of distributing this e-journal will be over the internet with the aim of guaranteeing free access to the articles and reducing time and cost of publication.

The journal will be organized into issues. Our idea is to publish one or two issues a year. Every issue will be devoted to a specific topic, taking into account the importance of presenting different perspectives on the subject. By exploiting the web nature of the journal, authors are enabled to publish appendices containing code/data and additional documentation (including video-interventions) if needed.

The International University of Bac Ha, Hanoi and CeSPI serve as distribution websites and the members of the Editorial Board are important focal points for disseminating the e-journal.

The need to communicate across political and cultural boundaries to reach out to an international audience suggested to use English as the language of the e-journal; English written by both native and non-native English speakers.
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